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PGMBM issues claim against Mercedes

PGMBM has announced that it has filed a claim against Mercedes in Liverpool, following allegations that illegal emissions defeat devices have been fitted in a number of cars and vans.

Defeat devices are designed to reduce emissions to falsely pass regulatory checks. The vehicle is put under certain “test conditions”, where emissions are reduced to pass the regulatory checks. However, the “test conditions” do not reflect the real-world conditions. In reality, the emissions are not reduced, and the vehicles would not pass the regulatory checks.

PGMBM believes that Mercedes, in fitting these defeat devices, deliberately lied to customers as to the real emission levels produced by their vehicles. This may have led to higher maintenance bills, higher fuel costs, and a higher probability of developing pulmonary problems from toxicants in the air.

The firm aims to win compensation of £10,000 or more per vehicle for those affected.

If you owned or leased a Mercedes car or van between 2007 and 2018, you may be eligible for compensation.

Join the PGMBM legal action today and hold Mercedes manufacturers to account.