Diesel Fraud

Have you ever bought or leased a diesel Mercedes car or van first registered between 2007 and 2018?

You may be eligible to claim back up to £84,000 on the basis of Mercedes installing illegal emissions cheat devices in affected vehicles

Join tens of thousands of owners already claiming

Mercedes are under investigation for allegedly fitting illegal emission defeat (or cheat) devices to hundreds of thousands of their diesel cars and vans.

If you ever owned or leased a Mercedes diesel car or van first registered between 2007 and 2018, then you may be able to claim.

In a similar case in the US, Mercedes has already agreed to pay more than a billion dollars to customers as part of a settlement deal.

We believe Mercedes customers could be entitled to up to £84,000 per vehicle depending on the initial vehicle purchase price.

Customers who owned more than one vehicle that meets the description above can make multiple claims.

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Why you should claim

In 2018, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, Kraftfahrt- Bundesamt (KBA) found that some 280,000 vehicles had been outfitted with illegal defeat devices. This led to a wider recall of some 700,000 affected vehicles around the world.

Defeat devices are designed to reduce emissions to falsely pass regulatory checks. The vehicle is put under certain “test conditions”, where emissions are reduced to pass the regulatory checks. However, the “test conditions” do not reflect the real world conditions, hence in real world use emissions are much higher and without the operation of the defeat devices, the vehicles would not pass the regulatory checks.

PGMBM believes that Mercedes deliberately misled its customers as to real levels of emissions in their vehicles.

The provision of engine updates by Mercedes, in order to allegedly remove defeat devices installed on affected vehicles, may have directly reduced vehicle performance as well as forcing customers to pay increased maintenance bills and higher fuel costs.

You and your children may also have suffered pulmonary problems from breathing-in high volumes of toxicants in polluted air.

If you owned or leased a Mercedes diesel car or van between 2007 and 2018, you may have been affected.

File a claim today with PGMBM and you may receive up to £84,000 in compensation.

Why claim with PGMBM?

PGMBM is a top UK and global law firm combining the talents of some of the UK’s leading solicitors and barristers with the financial resources and expertise of American class-action lawyers.

We are currently one of the lead firms in a similar group action against the Volkswagen Group, and we represent hundreds of thousands of clients around the world in other group actions holding large multinational companies to account for their corporate misdeeds.

Join thousands of other Mercedes car and van claimants and give yourself the very best chance of being awarded compensation.

We litigate on your behalf and try to make sure the whole legal process is as simple as possible. Claiming with us is much easier than trying to sue Mercedes on your own.

We are passionate about winning this case, determined to hold Mercedes to account, and determined to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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Case progress

For the latest press coverage regarding PGMBM and the Mercedes Diesel Fraud litigation, please see below.

Case history

We believe that Mercedes has  relied on a type of defeat device installed in certain of their diesel vehicles to ensure that test results – in laboratory settings – were more favourable than normal on-road use, which enabled certain vehicles to pass emissions standards tests.

In 2018 and 2019, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) – Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority, issued various administrative orders holding that certain devices in certain Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles are to be qualified as impermissible defeat devices.  The European Court of Justice has ruled that the regulation governing defeat devices expressly prohibits the use of defeat devices that reduce the effectiveness of the emission control system under normal conditions of vehicle use.

In light of the Mercedes Diesel Emissions Fraud, various fines have been assessed against entities of the Daimler Group across the world and claims have been successfully litigated against Mercedes in Germany.

PGMBM is claiming against Mercedes on behalf of customers in England and Wales to try obtain compensation similar to that which has already been awarded in other numerous cases in Germany.

In the news

Environmental impact

When diesel is burned in a car engine, nitrogen oxides, which are a group of reactive gases, are released into the atmosphere. The two gases which have the most significant environmental impact are Nitric Oxide (known as No) and Nitrogen Dioxide (No2).

Diesel engines are infamous for producing high levels of nitrogen oxides, which is why it was significant that Mercedes touted its diesel vehicles as being ‘the cleanest ever’. We now know that, under regular driving conditions, these vehicles were producing up to 40x the EU and UK emissions limits.

The consequences of this have had far ranging environmental impacts, including:

Acid Rain

No2 reacts with water, oxygen and other chemicals and to form sulphuric and nitric acid, which leads to acid rain. The ecological impacts of acid rain are extensive, harming fish and other marine life, stunting growth in trees, and negatively affecting the composition of soil and water, making environments uninhabitable for a number of species.

Smog, Ozone and Dangerous Molecules

An increase of No2 emissions has led to an increase in hazardous nitrate particles in the air, causing smog. When exposed to UV rays, nitrogen oxide molecules can also split, forming ozone, a pollutant which can further damage wildlife and fragile ecosystems. Ammonia, a toxic pollutant, can also be produced by excess nitrogen gas in the atmosphere.

In installing illegal emissions defeat devices in their vehicles, Mercedes has lied as to the real levels of nitrogen oxides produced in cars and vans, directly harming the environment and contributing to the climate crisis.

Join the PGMBM group action today and hold Mercedes to account.

For further information on the case and the environmental dangers, see the following news articles:

Business and fleet managers

If you’re a business or fleet manager then visit our dedicated page to find out more about how you can claim for multiple commercial vehicles.


Mercedes are under investigation for allegedly fitting an illegal emissions defeat (or cheat) device to hundreds of thousands of their cars and vans.

In 2018, the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) who are the German Federal Motor Transport Authority forced a worldwide recall of 774,000 Mercedes vehicles that were alleged to have had these defeat devices fitted.

If you ever owned or leased one of the vehicles affected, you could be eligible for significant compensation.

We believe Mercedes deliberately misled customers about the amount of emissions these vehicles produced and believe customers should be compensated for the following reasons:

– The increased Nitrogen Dioxide levels are harmful to children, adults and the environment.
– Customers may have experienced higher fuel bills and maintenance costs.
– The performance of these vehicles was negatively affected.

We believe Mercedes has broken the trust of their customers, just like other manufacturers such as VW.

We believe affected customers should be compensated for the wrong-doings of Mercedes, just as they were in the VW USA claim.

We will strive to win you as much as possible and are aiming to recover the entire cost of your vehicle. We can’t know for sure as that will be decided by the Court.

Several cases have already been determined against Mercedes in Germany with tens of thousands of Euros of compensation being awarded.

We are, therefore, optimistic that we may be able to obtain damages of up to £84,000 per vehicle depending on the initial vehicle purchase price.

Nothing upfront. In signing up, you will be asked to enter into a “no win, no fee” agreement with us.

Under the terms of this agreement, you will only be liable to pay our fees and expenses, as well as those of barristers, funders and insurers, if the case is successful. The exact amount you will pay will depend upon how long the case takes, how much time the lawyers need to spend on it, and the level of compensation obtained.

Unlike some other firms, we cap our fees at a maximum of 50% inclusive of VAT, although the actual fee may be as low as 20%. Unlike some other firms, we are looking to win back the entire purchase price of the car for you.

If you bought or leased a vehicle between 2007-2018, then it’s very likely that you’ll have a claim.

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If we do need anything from you, we will let you know, but mostly we’ll just keep you updated with how the case is going.

PGMBM are a top UK and global law firm combining the talents of some of the UK’s leading solicitors and barristers with the financial resources and expertise of American class action lawyers.

We are passionate about winning this case and are determined to hold Mercedes to account.

We are currently one of the lead firms in a very similar group claim against VW Group and we represent tens of thousands of clients who are claiming.

By joining our group claim action you have the very best chance of getting compensation and we make sure the whole process is simple.

Once we’ve got all the details we need to get you signed up, we’ll give you some more information about what is needed. Rest assured, it’s a very straight-forward process.

We do everything for you and make your claim easy and stress free. We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, and unlike some other law firms, we cap our fees.

You’ll get all the legal documents in the terms and conditions when we send them out. We’re going to run this case as a group action, meaning that we run all of our clients’ cases under one “umbrella”. This makes it easier to move all the cases forward together instead of doing them one at a time.

Should the entire Mercedes group action not be successful, then as long as you’ve stuck to the terms and conditions set out, you won’t pay a penny. We protect you against any costs that Mercedes may incur by taking out an insurance policy known as After-The-Event (ATE) insurance that covers all of the costs if the case isn’t successful.

This is not as straightforward as some other cases like personal injury or PPI. The deduction has 3 elements in it: first the success fee, because we are sharing the risk of the case with you. Don’t forget we don’t get paid anything if we lose. Second, any potential shortfall of our costs that Mercedes don’t pay. Third, the cost of the ATE policy that needs to be paid.

We call this type of insurance Before-The-Event (BTE) insurance because you’ll have had it in place before this claim started. It’s worth checking for Legal Expense policies however, they will usually not cover a car purchase from this long ago. They usually don’t cover group action either.

When we send out all the documents at the start of the case, we’ll send out a questionnaire about this and contact any insurers you have policies with to see if this can be used.

Our case is distinct from PPI cases. PPI cases usually follow years of investigation by financial regulation authorities and multiple drawn out court cases. As a claimant in this case, you are part of the initial case being put forward against Mercedes.

Of course we cannot guarantee a timescale for this group action but we will aim to proceed your claim as expediently as possible.

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